tove jansson

Taikatalvi - Tove Jansson’s illustration to Moominland

Tove Jansson

Tove Jansson 'Little My' from the Moomintroll books

Mymble has definitely fallen in love again.

Snorkmaiden and Mymble

Tove Jansson, author of The Moomins

Tove Jansson, author/illustrator of beloved Moomintroll books

Moomin reading.

Little My and Moomin reading

My and Mymble Mymmeli ja PikkuMYY

My and Mymble, Mymmeli ja Pikku Myy Finland

Moomin wallpaper. Yes, it's too much, and yes, I'd put it up in my home in a second.

Wow, the middle picture is my screen saver!

The Moomins really were wonderful. I love this strip - I'm going to get it printed and add it to 'Stuff on my walls'.

Little did I know one is called Moomin Mymble :D

eaja: Art by Tove Jansson

northlight design moomin coaster too close

Kurihachi-kobosha / 栗八工房舎 ムーミン

Kurihachi-kobosha / 栗八工房舎 ムーミン

Moomin Kitchen and Tablesetting


whisky and Moomin

I could happily curl up asleep with all my sewing treasures but I think Little My has run off with Moomin mama's sewing basket!

LOL! Moomin pasta.

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