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OUTDOOR SPORT EQUIPMENT FOR ALL AGES AND ABILITIES The health effects of physical activity on people’s well-being are undeniable. Study after study has proved…
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a red object is sitting on top of a white surface with the words lap set below it
Discover the thrill of movement with our Design Spotlight:
Dash Parkour Module! 🌟 Dive into the intricate details of Lappset design that bring joy worldwide. 🌍 Explore the Dash Parkour Module – a compact, functional masterpiece that enhances creativity. 🎨 Uncover the beauty of modular parkour spots, where safety meets innovation. 🤸‍♂️ Let landscape designers craft unique, quick, and professional parkour areas with ease. Contact us to learn more. #DesignSpotlight #ParkourModule #LappsetDesign #InnovationInMotion
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Transform Your Outdoor Space!
Download Lappset's Outdoor Gym Checklist and bring joy to your community! ✅ Budgeting for Success ✅ Choosing Equipment Safely ✅ Seamless Installation ✅ Grand Opening Strategies Let's create a fitness destination everyone will enjoy!
children playing on the playground in front of some buildings with an advertisement that reads, happset
Download an Outdoor Gym Checklist | Lappset Group | Lappset Group | The world of playgrounds and sports
Transform your outdoor space into the ultimate fitness zone with our free Outdoor Gym Checklist! Ensure safety, functionality, and accessibility for all. 🏋️‍♂️✨ Download the list from our website and plan your community's outdoor gym: #outdoorfitness #communitywellness #lappset
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Dash Parkour Modules: Crafting Dynamic Spaces with Ease!
Dash Parkour Modules, now taking centre stage in our Design Spotlight! These dynamic modules aren't just equipment—they're creative puzzle pieces empowering designers to build safe, functional, and unique parkour areas swiftly. Beyond design, our commitment is to enhance the joy of movement worldwide. Step into the future and join us in redefining parkour design with Dash Modules. Elevate projects, captivate users, and create spaces where creativity knows no bounds.
Sport facilities | Lappset Group | The world of playgrounds and sports
Discover the Benefits of Outdoor Gyms! 🌳🏋️‍♀️ At Lappset, we're passionate about creating inspiring outdoor spaces. Our sports fields, gyms, and playgrounds offer endless exercise and fun in the fresh air! 🌞 #outdoorgyms #playgrounds #activelifestyle #qualitytime
a woman doing squats on a bench in a park with the words lap set above her
Get active outdoors with us!
Unleash your sports passion and connect with your community through our state-of-the-art sports facilities. From multifunctional arenas for diverse activities to inclusive equipment for all ages, we're here to make outdoor sports accessible and exciting for everyone. Let's create vibrant outdoor spaces that inspire exercise, play, and quality family time. Join the active lifestyle revolution!
an empty playground with green grass and yellow bars
Sports park
Stay active in Liepaja, Latvia. Photographer: Edgars Pohevics. Equipment: @lappsetgroup
an aerial view of a park with a lake in the background and benches on the ground
Outdoor gym in Jelgava, Latvia
@Fixmanbaltics @lappsetgroup
two people are doing tricks in the park on some kind of metal bars and poles
Sisu Fitness | Lappset Group | The world of playgrounds and sports
Just as effective as weight training, using one's own body weight to exercise is an effective way to build muscle and to stay healthy. Our Sisu Fitness Frames help you do just that; and by having so many features and functions in one spot, you can conveniently monitor your belongings - and family - while you workout.
some people are doing exercises in the park
10 reasons why outdoor training is better than a gym workout | Lappset Group | The world of playgrounds and sports
We invite mankind outdoors - not only to play but to train! Lappsets expansive collection of outdoor training products has something for everyone. What benefits does outdoor training provide to you? Check out our article, 10 Reasons Why Outdoor Training is Better Than a Gym Workout, to learn more!
a woman sitting on top of a bench in front of a gym equipment set and holding two barbells
Sisu Fitness weight equipment allows users to set the weight that they're comfortable with and to progress upwards when they're ready. By fully housing the weight plates inside of the equipment, Sisu Fitness creates a safer and easier environment to exercise and to become one with nature.
a woman is sitting on a bench with her arms in the air and holding two barbells above her head
Lappset's Sisu Fitness products bring the gym to the park. Fun and easy to use from beginners to weight room veterans, Sisu Fitness melds the joys of nature and physical activity into one; yielding unparalleled performance and results.
an outdoor basketball court in front of a building with picnic tables and benches around it
Borup Fitness
Nyt fitnessområde til Borup Fitness! #Lekolar #Fitness #Lappset #Gummibelægning #TPV #Outdoorfitness
an artist's rendering of a park with children playing on the swings and climbing bars
Lappset Group | The world of playgrounds and sports
If your looking for an efficient midline-workout – click to our website!😊 Before starting the exercise, remember to warm up your body. If you go to a sports park, please remember to keep your distance to others and maintain a good hand hygiene.