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two pictures side by side showing different views of the house and its surroundings, with grass growing on the roof
Luigi Rosselli Designs 12 Homes Behind A Large Rammed Earth Wall
a person walking up some stairs with their feet in the air
Queen's Gate Terrace apartment by Hogarth Architects | Dezeen
Block timber stairs. Hogarth Architects.
an old building with wooden slats on the roof
Vernacular architecture – Page 2 – Geometry & Silence
Double roof of Cham House for natural cooling in intense sunlight, Vietnamese Museum of Ethnology, Hanoi
an image of the pavement that looks like it has been made out of bricks and mud
a pile of wood sitting on top of a cement slab
Kapelle Unterliezheim von John Pawson - Sieben Kapellen an den Radwegen im Schwäbischen Donautal
several pieces of wood are stacked on top of each other in order to be used as wall art
an old wooden cabin with a metal roof and stairs leading up to the porch area
Passive solar exterior
an old black and white photo of a wooden building with a spiral staircase going up the side
Utvändig trappa i lofthus i Bjälebo.
an ornate window on the side of a building with tile roofing and shingles
an image of the structure of a roof with all its components labeled in english and russian
a man sitting on top of a bed in a room with bookshelves and ladders
doméstico-microliving triggers traditional dwelling limit with a single shape