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a green bowl filled with oranges sitting on top of a table next to stacks of coins
pink tulips are in a blue and white vase
Contemporary Ceramics and Housewares — Rex Design
a pink and white dinner set with red dots on the rims, cups and saucers
Flower pottery tableware by @rise_and_shine_ceramics | Instagram
a green and blue bowl with white dots on the rim sits on a gray surface
Andrew Ludick
a multicolored cake decorated with flowers on a table
Papier-mâché Vase
Papier-mâché Vase - The House That Lars Built
a white and pink plate with a black face on the front sitting on a wooden table
a hand holding a pink coffee mug with orange leaves painted on the outside and inside
a bowl filled with lemons on top of a table
These Sunny Homewares Bring European Summer To Your Dining Table!