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the floor plan for an office building with curved walls and floors, along with a drawing of
interior of Neil Barrett store by Zaha Hadid Architects in Tokyo
an image of some type of art work
24 Sacred Geometry Vectors, an Object Graphic by Tugcu Design Co.
Sacred Geometry Vectors | Graphic Design Elements | Geometric Vector Clipart Images | Blog Graphics | Web Design | Branding Niche | Blogging | Business | Art
an empty swimming pool in front of a large white structure with bars on the sides
The White Gallery House - Pitsou Kedem
230-Masil Gabrielle-Reférent-STRUCTURE3
an empty hallway with light coming in from the ceiling and shadows on the wall behind it
Tom Ford's New Mexico Ranch; Tadao Ando; stable interior with natural light; New Mexico
an abstract painting with blue, pink and white feathers on it's surface greeting card
The Co-Create Series: Victoria Garcia's textile piece inspired by a 3,200 year-old giant tree
The Co-Create Series: Victoria Garcia’s textile piece inspired by a 3,200 year-old giant tree
multiple images of different types of buildings in the same area, including one building with several windows
Interior design and architecture for a loft unit in San Francisco's Oriental Warehouse Building by EDMONDS + LEE ARCHITECTS.
a room that has some plants growing on the wall and in front of it is a white floor
This New Resort Spa Is Covered In Hanging Gardens
This New Resort Spa Is Covered In Hanging Gardens
an open door leading to a bedroom with a bed in the background and lights on either side
Hunter & Richards: Photo
interesting use of interior light.
the wall is made up of wood and has some lights on it's sides
Gallery of Sipopo Congress Center / Tabanlioglu Architects - 13
Sipopo Congress Center / Tabanlioglu Architects, wall washing...
an artistic sculpture in the shape of a tree with lights on it's branches
SCAD Digital Fabrication Club |(L)ABnormal -
SCAD Digital Fabrication Club |(L)ABnormal [Futuristic Architecture:]