The 70 Best Apps For Teachers And Students

Por si algún profe quiere investigar sobre estas 70 apps y ver si le son de utlidad. Yo uso algunas // The 70 Best Apps For Teachers And Students - Edudemic. These are listed as itunes apps, but I'm sure a lot of them can be found for Android as well.

Great classroom management idea

Pretty effective for lining up - no more running and pushing in line!: Pretty effective for lining up - no more running and pushing in line!

Free Parent-Teacher Conference Resources

A Teachable Teacher: Parent-Teacher Conference Tips and Freebies Linky Party. Using for parent teacher conference & at end of quarters

Give Me 5 Poster

Give Me Five Behavior Management Posters

This would make a great procedure (Harry Wong). Count to five or hold up one finger at a time when the class needs to refocus. Discuss what occurs for each number at the beginning of the school year and eventually the reaction will be automatic.

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What Type of Learner Are You?

Good instructional design involves an analysis of the learner. We should ask, "Does this instructional design match my students' learning styles"? Use this infographic to reflect on various learning styles.

Get your students thinking on the first day of school! Fun critical and creative thinking activities for grades 3-5. Team Tasks, Truth or Dare, Measurement Time Capsule and MORE! From More Than a Worksheet $

Back to School Creative Thinking--Happy School Year

Good visual

Autism Quote Number 3

Autism - My daughter has all these, although they have greatly improved after years of intensive therapy and work. She was diagnosed at 2 as "profoundly autistic", and just had the diagnosis revised to Asperger's Syndrome ("high-functioning autism").

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