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M4 Combat Machine Airsoft- hahaha that would be a great surprise for Chad if I pulled this out during one of our little air soft wars ;-)

Combat Machine Airsoft ~Oh.~ where is a sarcasm font when I sooooo desperately need one!

haha not me, but still funny

Life of Terdz: Room Clearing - Episode No.


Airsoft, also known as cheap-mans-paintball is a great way to shoot it up with some friends and strangers. Just make sure your batteries are charged prior to game-time.

toyhaven: 1/6 scale S.W.A.T. 12-inch Action Figures - We really need more of them to form a bigger team!

Remember when scale Norman Stansfield called for "EVERYONE"? See my earlier post HERE of bad cop Stansfield and good cop of Gotham City.

airsoft guns model

Airsoft Atlanta retail and online store for the best selection of airsoft guns in the USA. Large warehouse with same-day shipping of guns, tactical gear, etc.