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a woman standing in front of a wooden house made out of pallets and wood planks
29 Free Pallet Chicken Coop Plans You Can Build In a Weekend - The Poultry Guide
10 Free Plans For Pallet Chicken Coop You Can Build In a Weakend
a person standing inside of a chicken coop
Chicken Coop Tour No. 2 | The Garden Coop
Garden Coop from DIY Chicken Coop Plans
a chicken coop in the middle of a field with trees and leaves on the ground
19 Outstanding Chicken Coop Designs Ideas to Inspire You - TSP Home Decor
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the diagram shows how to build a chicken coop with measurements for each type of bird
Hen House & Hutch Design
Hen House & Hutch Design
three crates stacked on top of each other in the grass
15+ DIY Chicken Nesting Box Ideas For Your Homestead
15+ Chicken Nesting Box Hacks @ Momwithaprep.com
the chicken coop is clean and ready to be used as an outdoor area for chickens
Follow these easy steps to clean your chicken coop safely
Learn how to clean your chicken coop naturally to promote a healthy flock that lays large abundant eggs year round. via @SLcountrygal
a chicken with the words how to train your chicken on it's front cover
Training Chickens
Can chickens be trained to come when called? They sure can, and it's easier than you might think!
three plastic balls sitting on top of a wooden table next to a jar filled with chicken treats
5 Boredom-Busting Super Treats for Chickens – Hobby Farms
chicken treat balls
an image of some birds in a fenced off area with trees and bushes behind them
Easy Backyard Chicken Coop Plans
Chicken chunnels:) These are awesome! One of our members showed hers off so click on the photo to see more!
a bottle of water sitting on top of a plastic cup in front of a chicken coop
DIY PVC Soda Bottle Chicken Waterer
DIY PVC Soda Bottle Chicken Waterer - Super simple project only 3 materials required... #chickens #diy #homesteading
two pictures side by side of chickens in a coop
DIY PVC Chicken Feeders: Affordable Feeder in 8 Easy Steps
DIY PVC pipe chicken feeder that's easy to fill, hard to spill, weather resistant, easy to make, and inexpensive!
chickens and turkeys are eating out of their bins
Backyard Chickens for Beginners
Idea for a chicken feeder. No scraping food and it will stay dry in the rain.
several chickens are walking around in a fenced off area next to a house and trees
THE CHUNNEL! Suburban or urban homesteading and farm. Our chickens in their DIY chicken run tunnel. We live in a residential area, so to keep the chickens protected from hawks, dogs and other predators (and to keep them out of our neighbor's yard) we hook up their portable play-pen to the run and let them range. Easily crafted from 2" welded wire fencing, cut to 54" length and sod staples to anchored to the ground, and dollar store zip ties to hold the sections together.
two chickens eating greens out of a wooden box
How to Build a Chicken Salad Bar
DIY Chicken Salad Bar for chickens! (If the ground around their coop ever gets bare, this would be a great idea!)