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Ruby loves jared on Twitter: "#SoulMates ♥"

Ruby loves jared on Twitter: "#SoulMates ♥"

completed] There's no cliche's for Niall and Zayn. Meeting in a small collision, Niall begins to learn that Zayn is tougher than he thought. Zayn like.

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After Jared explained last year's struggle and Jensen revealed he was wearing his AKF shirt, and gave his little brother a hug.

- This photo says so many words, without actually saying anything at all. The love in Jensen’s eyes for Jared is outstanding. And that hug… I’m about speechless. Look at how Jensen’s hand is placed in Jared’s hair… -

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Son of a-- Jensen with Jared's hair omg

Jensen Ackles & Jared Padalecki & Misha Collins <-- uhhhh, when fandoms get bored? Stuff like this is so random lol<<< this makes me extremely uncomfortable.


There is a fine line between stalking and observing with rabid enthusiasm. Try not to cross that line, fandom.<<<<It's a's impossible NOT to cross that line