DIY Mirror.

Gem Mirror DIY + Easy Mirror Cutting Technique (click through for tutorial) - A Beautiful Mess

Suminagashi (Japanese Marbling).

Uses Chinese rice paper, Asian Sumi ink, water and a surfectant that keeps the ink on the surface of the water.

Making an eucalyptus table garland.

Seeded Eucalyptus Blue Gum Eucalyptus, 'Silver Bells' Eucalyptus Pods, Paperwhites (a type of Narcissus), or alternatively or cyclamens, and Tillandsia / air plants. Arrangement by Nanette Wong.

Gimme Some Oven | DIY Rosewater Lip Balm.

DIY Rosewater Lip Balm

Make this simple DIY rosewater lip balm to hydrate your lips!