Spheres in Space - how to turn a circle into a sphere  2" and 3" circle templates, on black paper students trace 5 - 7 circles (encourage to go off paper), chalk pastel to colour solid colour, student chooses "light" source then draw white highlight on light side and dark shadow on opposite side.  Blend edges together.  Add other distant stars and oval rings

Art Projects for Kids: Spheres in Space elementary art lesson how to shade spheres drawing coloring outer space planets galaxy solar system

Kaikki planeetat mahtuvat Maan ja Kuun väliin!! Eikä tee edes tiukkaa…

All the planets of the Solar System could fit within the average distance between the Earth and the Moon! Universetoday, using data from NASA's Solar System Fact Sheets, found that the numbers are quite accurate

Planeetat - tyopoydan taustan: http://wallpapic-fi.com/muut/planeetat/wallpaper-6400

Planets - Pictures on your Mobile,

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