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Laura Kankainen

Laura Kankainen
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cat litter box.... Every cat person i know should have this. It has got to be the most hygienic liter box solution, EVER! especially since the only way to know if your cat has toxoplasmosis is by getting it tested, indoors or outdoors.

Litterbox cabinet - SUCH A GOOD IDEA! Give the cats their own little litter box cubby room. It gives them their privacy and you can contain any mess on the outside of the litter box and easily clean it up.

Por mais que se tenha espaço, sempre é pouco na hora de organizar o banheiro. E se o banheiro for comum prá todos os membros da casa, é ...

Hide Unsightly Toilet Items with this DIY Side Vanity Storage Unit-This is a tutorial for building your own custom storage shelving to attach to the side of your bathroom vanity. The idea is to contain toilet paper and oth

DIY Cat Litterbox

I like the shape of the cat cut-out and size. It REALLY needs ventilation which is as simple as a computer fan and some dryer ducts CAT SAID.

Boho Deco Chic

Ikea Hack: Turn A Boring Chair Into A Glam Piece // Today I want to share with you a cool and easy-to-make ikea hack. I will show how I gave a sophisticated and glamorous touch to a boring and simple chair.