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there are many rolls on the plate with some flowers in front of it and a white flower next to it
Hapankorppurullat (kasvistäyte) - Ruoka & Koti
rolls filled with meat and veggies sit on a cutting board next to lettuce
Kakkuviikarin vispailuja!: Rieskarullat
there is a roll that has been cut in half
Porkkanakakku vääntyy helposti myös kääretortuksi - Perinneruokaa prkl
two pieces of chocolate cake with sprinkles
Fazeriina- piirakka
Juhlattaren Kakkublogi: Fazeriina- piirakka
four pieces of chocolate peanut butter bars on a cutting board
Helpot rapeat/sitkeät Daim- ja Minttukrokantti-keksit - Suklaapossu
there are many squares of brownies on the table with chocolate chips and marshmallows
powdered sugar pastries sitting on top of a white plate
Sotkun munkit rikkoivat kävijämääräennätyksen - Sweet Food O`Mine
a bunch of doughnuts sitting on top of a white paper towel next to each other
Sotilaskodin munkit eli sotkun munkit
an overhead view of several open faced sandwiches on a baking sheet with green onions and mayonnaise
a cake with raspberries and chocolate on top
Eat With Your Eyes: 22 Insanely Gorgeous Cakes
This cake has four sugary layers of pretty. Plus it's pink. Get the recipe from Sugar Hero. - Delish.com