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Pushing for what you want takes energy but is worth it in the end. Is there anything you did when you were a kid that you ended up quitting and now regret? Now I'm learning how to play again after 12 years and am determined not to qui

Need a bit of razzle dazzle in your yoga wardrobe? With seriously striking swirls of color, including psychedelic pinks and passion-inducing purples, displayed in an intricate mélange of geometric pat

Pausing to pay attention to subtleties creates conscious space for something new in your yoga practice, your workout and your life.

What My Yoga Abilities Taught Me About My Personality

Dieuwertje had a revelation while she was doing yoga The post What My Yoga Abilities Taught Me About My Personality appeared first on Career Girl Daily.

Be grateful for everyday, because at any second your life can be ripped away from you, I think the problem with society now is we take advantage of life and we feel life owes us. We didn't ask for it, so why should I care?