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MM6 Maison Margiela Pre-Fall 2018 Collection Photos - Vogue

MM6 Maison Margiela Pre-Fall 2018 Collection Photos - Vogue


The Valais Blacknose (also known as: Wallis Blacknose, German: Walliser Schwarznasenschaf (Valaisian black nose sheep), Blacknosed Swiss, Visp, Visperschaf) is a breed of domestic sheep originating in the Valais region.


A goat: Don't ewe wish ewe had curls like this? No I wish I had a sweater or coat made of this silky goat hair.I once saw sweaters made of this in Ireland, and throws.they are so silky and lovely. And expensive.

Variable Neon slug Nudibranch on a shipwreck at the Coast of Bali, Indonesia by Arne Kuilman

Variable Neon-slug (Nembrotha kubaryana), a nudibranch, at a Japanese shipwreck off the coast of Bali, Indonesia. photo by Arne Kuilman ”

✿ Hygrocybe Psittacina ✿

Description on photo: hygrocybe psittacina i dont think ive ever seen a better example of the word tumescent

Banana, Too cute! tell the kidlins they are having dolphin bananas for lunch or snack and serve with some "fishy" crackers while tinting their unsweetened AJ with some blue food coloring!! they will love it!

Your preschooler or big kid will go BANANAS for this healthy afternoon (or morning) snack! Make a banana into an adorable dolphin with this easy food art trick.