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moomin love

Collectible Arabia Finland Moomin "Moonshine" Plate - RESERVED

Moomin mug

Arabia Moomin Mug - Moomintroll

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Moomin Mug, Little My

Muumi-muki Pikku Myy Moomin mug/cup, Little My, Arabia, Finnish Design

Moomin mug

Arabia Finland Moomin Mug 'Stockmann 150 Edited Collection nro


Mymble’s Mother is a lovely Moomin mug representing Mymble’s and Little My’s adorable siblings with their mother. Whether you are a collector of Moomin items or not, you will love Moomin mug Mymble’s Mother.

Moomin mug Moominmamma.

The new 2014 Moominmamma mug features illustrations by Tove Slotte-Elevant and it shows Moominmamma arranging for a party. It is set to be released together with the new Moominpappa mug and they go really well together.