new kyoto town house / alphaville

New Kyoto Town House by Alphaville

new kyoto town house / alphaville. Smart play of wood. Small stairwells and rremoving all sense of claustrophobia

The Vast Hall of The Public Library of Cincinnati

A man browsing for books in Cincinnati’s main library. Demolished in 1955 My idea of heaven!

nice light

Jenni Juurinen style -- I'm not sure what makes this so charming; the mix of wood candlesticks? The white wire pendant lamps? The patchwork purple rug?

nancy bird

The studio of Emily Wright of Nancybird, in Northcote, Melbourne. Photo by Tony Owczarek. Via Design Files

Querosene House has a large open space that is straightforward and transparent trough a large windows by grupoSP, this house located in São Paulo, Brazil


my dream come true. i'll take it all. the loft. the bed. the canopy. the chaise lounge. the exposed brick wall. the window. i'll take it all.

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