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a black bag with a sunflower embroidered on the front and side, hanging from a wall
Waschbare Abschminkpads
three mason jars with candles and flowers in them on a table next to a candle
Gartendeko basteln: Gläser-Upcycling-Idee für gemütliche Stunden - Lavendelblog
mason jars filled with fall leaves and some glue to make them look like they are floating
Fun DIY Craft Ideas - 35 Pics
a round mirror sitting on top of a white shelf next to a bowl and cup
Aarikka Helmi mirror
a wooden beaded chandelier with pom - poms hanging from it
This item is unavailable - Etsy
Beautiful & Creative DIYs! 😍
a wall hanging with pictures and pine branches attached to the strings, which are hung on a rope
39 Creative DIY Photo Frames Make Your Home Unique - Molitsy Blog
the bench is made out of wood and has two baskets underneath it, along with other furniture
DIY Home Decor styling number 3136156307 - A fantabulous to impressive reading on decor ideas. #diyhomedecoronabudget