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It's so pretty when she flips it over! 😍 (Upside Down Fruit Pastry) | cooking, baking | It's so pretty when she flips it over! 😍 (Upside Down Fruit Pastry) (This original video was produced by Network Media, LLC and Kyle & Mistie)... | By Life with Coco | Take some sliced strawberries. Place those right over the top of the honey. And we're essentially going to make a star shape just like that. Inside of that, we're going to place one blueberry. Next, we're going to use an apple. We need to core that. And you're going to use this nifty device that does all work for you. I've got my apples that have been cord. They're going to go on top of the honey. Press that down. Slide that in. Perfect. For our last one we're going to be using some of these Mandarin oranges. We're just going to place them directly onto the honey. And you can readjust it to make it look perfect and guess what's going to go in the middle? A blueberry. Now, you could use whatever fillings you want for this pastry. I've chosen fruit but y'all let me know in the comments what you would choose for yours and you're probably wondering where's my parchment paper. I actually didn't need it because this is a special laminate type thing. Kyle, you probably can describe it better than I can but this is a non-stick surface that will allow us not to use parchment paper because it's reusable. Yes and but it's our first time so. Alright, so it's a bit of a test ourselves as well. We shall see. I can't wait to see how turn out. Next, we're going to top that with a little bit more honey. Why is there a bear on honey? What do bears have to do with honey? Cuz bears like to eat honey. I guess you know you like to eat honey. They're on me on the bottle. There we go. Now, you're going to take some puff pastry dough. This is just frozen dough you can get at the grocery store and you're going to cover that. It's okay to kind of spread it out a little bit then use your fingers to press it down Just like that. Now, I wash my hands. Do y'all wash your hands or are you the kind of people that think that you need to wear gloves every time you're in the kitchen? Let me know in the comments. Do you wear gloves or you just wash your hands? But this puff pastry dough is very easy to find at the grocery store. This is the brand that we chose. Alright. Stretch it out just a little bit. If you want, you could use a fork to press this down and really kind of make a pretty design but you don't have to worry about it being perfect. There we go. I've already precut these pieces That one put over nicely. And something magical happens whenever this gets baked and the best part comes after it's baked and we flip it over to see how it turned out. Alright and we're going to say goodbye to our strawberry stars for now. Press it down. And our last one, stretch that dough out just so we know that it will cover it. Here we go. That was perfect. You think we did good? One full box. Little nervous. Give it all a press. It's okay if some of the honey pours out. One last step before it goes in the oven. We need some eggs actually. Just one egg would be great. Alright. Eggs. Great. Now, can you all tell the difference between the brown and the white? I can't. Taste wise. Oh, I was going to say that one's white and that one's brown. Well, we know it's different colors but do they taste different? Some of y'all insist that these are richer in taste. What do you think? Is this just old wives tail? We're going to take one egg. And we're going to create an egg wash. And then we're just going to brush over the top of our pastry with our egg and that's going to give it a nice golden brown coloring. We're at the egg wash. Yeah. Where's the egg? Kyle is trying a new skill today. Singing. He is not only singing but he's also songwriting live on camera. Alright. Here we go. Pastries are all egg washed up. What does that actually do now? It just makes them like crispy? This gives it a nice golden color. So really it's just about the coloring. Really? Doesn't change the flavor or anything like that? Um not that I know of. I do all y'all let me know. What do you think? Does the egg wash change the flavor or is it just for aesthetic purposes? Hm. Time to go in the oven. I've got it set to 350 degrees. These are going to bake fast. Only about 15 minutes. They're going to be nice and golden brown and then we're going to scoop them up and flip them over. Ooh That'll be exciting. Let's see how it looks. I'm nervous. Alright, I can't wait to taste these. We've got a nice golden color on that. Look at that. Now, I will be honest. This is the first time I've made this. I'm a little bit nervous but I think the idea is to scoop underneath and then flip. Okay. So, we're just going to we're just going to go for it, okay? Let's try it. Start at the back here. So, it is definitely stuffed with the honey. It's not going to, oh yeah, it's coming out just last week. This is going to work. Look at that. You ready? Yep. Okay. Cute. Alright. We've got a perfect little tart and it looks like a flower. That worked. Let's take a look at that one. Here we go. Okay, we'll go for apple now. See apple next. See what that looks like underneath there. Okay, give it a a little. Oh yeah, this is working great. That honey is perfect. Ready? It's working as well. Here we go. Ready? So, Little bit of strawberry got in there but that's okay. Pretty. Okay. Okay now. I'm not too certain about strawberry but we'll just we'll just go for it and see. Get underneath there as best we can. It's definitely sticking. Do you think it's still going to look like a star or you think it's just going to be like a big blob? Alright. I hope it looks like the star. Here we go. I think it's going to look like the star. Okay. It's a blob-like star. Yeah. No, it actually turned out pretty good. These strawberries were rather big but I wonder if we used smaller strawberries if it might have been even prettier. Alright, are we doing this taste test here? I'm coming in for this. Look at this for a second y'all. We did it. I think that these turned out pretty well but the real test is going to depend on the taste. Alright. Which one do you think that you would like the best? I think I'm going to like the strawberries the best. Which one would you like the best? Apple, strawberry, or orange. It's up to you to decide you can make it however you'd like. Uh I'm going to start with this one. Is that right? You go for strawberry, I'll go for orange. Alright, here we go. This one's nice and crisp on the outside. They're really good. This is so good. The honey is such a great combination with apple. I've never done that before. Here you go. Let me try that one. Mhm. You try this one. I love this pastry stuff. Oh man this is good too. Mm. I'm ready. You guys have to try this. I love the honey on it. It's really good. It's so cool how it's made. Just flip it over. Okay. We'll go for orange now. Alright. It's actually really good isn't it? Mhm. This is mandarin orange. Okay that's interesting. I've never had orange and puff pastry before. But it's nice, right? Mhm. I I actually thought this would be my least favorite. You like it? It's actually really good. Guys you have to try this. I think the apple is my favorite. You can add a little bit of cinnamon, some caramel. Let me know what you would put inside of your puff pastry turnovers. This was a winner. Alright let's
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