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a white cabinet with two drawers and a printer on top
Pin von Jennifer Sutter auf Home Decorating | Arbeitszimmerideen, Wohnungseinrichtung stil, Büroaufbewahrung
a desk with a printer on top of it and a paper sticking out of the drawer
Our Custom Built-in Bookshelves Design You’ll love
an open file cabinet next to a desk with pictures on it and a phone in the drawer
Our Top Pinterest Pins of 2019
The gray-and-yellow bathroom you adored? It's here. Printer-in-a-drawer? We've got it. Come revisit your old faves and perhaps find some new ones, too.
a white cabinet with two drawers and a printer on the top shelf next to it
Real-Life Redo: A New Corner Office
Hidden Storage - Real-Life Redo: Home Office Makeover - Southernliving. The remaining built-in cabinet gives Scott the storage he needs, behind closed doors. Anne Turner worked with a carpenter to equip the cabinet’s drawers and shelves with sliders to enable easy access to files. Love it? Get it!Cabinet