Social-Emotional Learning (SEL)

Resources, strategies, and tips for social and emotional learning in your classroom and home!
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Calm Down Corner Essentials!
In our corner we have: ⭐ Sensory Trio Fidget Tubes ⭐ S'mores Break ⭐ Smoothie Break ⭐ Bubble Tea Break ⭐ Cool Down Cubes ⭐ Rainbow Emotion Fidget Poppers Whether your kids are squeezing, popping, or shaking, these fidgets are perfect for self-regulation and concentration. Each toy promotes a sense of grounding, transforming moments of stress into opportunities for relaxation and mindfulness!
a poster with fruit and vegetables on it that says feelings, trace & match
Help Your Child Learn About Emotions
Emotions are a vital part of human life, and teaching children about them are essential for emotional development. Learning Resources has created a Printable Feelings Trace and Match worksheet to help your child recognize and understand emotions.
SEL with Miss Alissa!
Miss Alissa from @heartmindedmama is an Early Childhood educator and mom of two! Over the next few weeks, Miss Alissa will share skill-building activities for you at home or in your classroom. 👇 Today we are discussing Social-Emotional Learning (SEL) and family dynamics with the All About Me Sorting Neighborhood. The holiday season creates more complications and tensions than usual, regardless of your family type. In families with divorced/separated parents and blended families, it’s essential to explain the situation and new relationships in child-appropriate ways. Don’t assume your children will figure it out. These changes can be confusing for kids, so explicitly explaining how their family has changed is very helpful. Children can be overwhelmed by the amount of extended family d
a light bulb with the words 11 essential ways to bring social emotion into the classroom
11 Essential Ways to Bring Social-Emotional Learning Activities into the Classroom
Learn about the importance of SEL and 11 essential ways that teachers can incorporate social-emotional learning activities and lessons into the elementary classroom today. Find ideas on morning meeting, growth mindset, kindness, self-regulation, community building, and children's books for teachers. #socialemotionallearning #charactereducation #classroommanagement #growthmindset #morningmeeting
hands holding a notebook with the title how to teach social emotional learning skills with a journal
Teaching Social Emotional Skills With a Journal
All educators can integrate more social emotional learning in the classroom with a SEL journal! It's easy: just spend the first 10 minutes or so of your class highlight a SEL skill, let kids write, and then discuss. It's the perfect way to start your day AND highlight skills like empathy, managing emotions, perseverance, mindfulness, positive thinking, conflict resolution, decision-making and so much more. #sel #socialemotionallearning #pathway2success