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three glass vases are hanging from ropes
DIY Terrarium, Pot & Macramé Hanger in One Day Workshop
a hand is holding rope around a vase
DIY Sea Glass Rope Lantern - A Wonderful Thought
a green glass vase sitting on top of a kitchen counter next to a roll of twine
Year in Review {2017} and Future Plans... - A Wonderful Thought
Check out our year in review from 2017! I thought it would be fun to share some of our favorite posts from 2017 and share some future plans/goals for 2018.
a pink cat is sticking out of the pocket of a blue jean purse with hearts on it
a painted rock with a cat's face and green eyes on it, sitting in front of a gray background
45 Awesome Painted Rocks Ideas For Beginners and Pros - Craftsonfire
some plants are growing out of concrete pots on the rocks and gravel area in front of them
Sadun piha täyttyy betonikoristeista – "Kun päähän välähtää idea, pyydän miestäni tuomaan betonisäkin töistä tullessaan"
an outdoor garden is shown in two different pictures, and the same one has been made out
49 Ideen Gartenideen im Freien kleben – Ashley Garden 49 Ideas for Outdoor Garden Ideas – Ashley Garden design.isabellaho …
a stuffed animal in a wooden frame with a hook on it's side and a string attached to the wall
Marie Claire Idées
a candle is lit in the center of a white flower arrangement on a wooden shelf
Arte e decoração usando cimento. Confiram essas idéias são geniais
Arte e decoração usando cimento. Confiram essas idéias são geniais
two clay sculptures sitting on top of a table next to a ball of yarn and a brush
AMAZING❤️❤️. Make flower pots from balloons - Ideas for making decorative flower pots - Craft ideas - YouTube
two leaf shaped candles are lit on the wall
Betong - Hemma hos hellenfrafjellen