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Kun äiti kelaa - blog: Mari socks pattern

Finnish patterns etc Marimekko

Ravelry: Marius-sokker pattern by Unn Søiland Dale

I could do this color knitting-avoids skill issues at heel! Ravelry: Marius-sokker pattern by Unn Søiland Dale

Mustrilaegas: Labakindad / Mittens fair isle knit chart

Mustrilaegas: Labakindad / Mittens -Gorgeous traditional mittens but I was thinking of adapting to fringe earrings.

Ravelry: IgnorantBliss' Gnome Mittens I need to find somebody to knit these for me!!

Ravelry: IgnorantBliss' Gnome Mittens My knitting goals - be able to knit awesome color work.

Flattery socks: Latvian mitten inspired socks

Pattern 'Flattery socks', knit with 2 skeins of Latvian mitten Knit Picks Tidepool Heather as main colour. Inspired by Latvian Mittens and can be found on Ravelry.

fair isle

I might like one of the X-type rows for my royal alpaca sweater.