Video tutorial is in Spanish only, but she goes slowly and the pattern is simple. "Gorros con trenzas gorditas y borde en punto cangrejo puff tejidos a crochet. paso a paso en video!

How to Knit Hedgehog Mittens - DIY

How to Knit Hedgehog Mittens – DIY -> make a hedgehog and an otter one for each hand and you've got John and Sherlock! now to find an otter mitten pattern… <-the hedgehog would have to be for the right hand, because John is Sherlock's right hand man :)

Art Crochet Owl Fingerless Gloves Wrist Warmers with Teal felt, Vintage button Eyes and Soft Heather Gray Acrylic Yarn crochet-knit-goodies

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Aikaansaannoksia kiireen keskellä. Hän neuloo, virkkaa, ompelee, askartelee, kierrättää ja tekee kokeiluja köökinkin puolella.

Insanely Adorable Kitten Mittens

Kids and adults alike can get behind these Insanely Adorable Kitten Mittens. Whether the cold weather just refuses to let up, or you& going on an exciting ski trip, these knit mittens are going to be the cutest out there.

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