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a black shelf sitting next to a white wall with a potted plant on it
The two-tone reversible shelves of the Twin Bookcase encourage individuality and…
a card with a snowman and a house
Kaarten met sneeuwpoppen
a room with pictures on the wall, and a bench in front of some chairs
Online Interior Design and Decorating Services - Laurel & Wolf
Love all the different styles of frames used
an image of some type of text that is in black and white, with the words gallery
Photos on Canvas & Photos on Wood - Wall Decor Ideas
Displaying Framed Photos - Gallery Wall Layout
a living room with a couch, book shelf and potted plant
Danish Design Classics produced in Denmark
Frame 42 – Modern Scandinavian storage system – by Lassen
a wooden stool sitting in front of a white wall with black and white drawers on it
Frame Storage Modules By Lassen - Vurni
Frame Storage Modules by Mogens Lassen
a black and white wall hanging on the side of a wall
by Lassen news: A classic is born | that nordic feeling
Last night I attended a blogger’s event at by Lassen in Copenhagen in honour of the new collection coming out this fall. By Lassen is most famous for the classic Kubus4 candle holder – we all know and love that one (I have two even!). Up untill now by Lassen is mostly known for their … … Continue reading →
a room with a book shelf on the wall
What do a Storage Unit, a Basin and a Transistor Radio Have in Common?
By Lassen Frame Storage Boxes | Yellowtrace
a dining room table with four chairs and pictures on the wall above it in black and white
Free eBooks Download List |
LOVE this. It's our current dining table. Get black chairs, tall gold candle sticks, black, gold, and white frame wall.
a chair sitting in front of a window next to a shelf with books on it
by Lassen Frame Now in Smoked oak
a white cabinet with black handles and drawers next to a stool in front of it
Lassen Frame Storage Boxes
Lassen Frame Storage Boxes