Leena Röntynen

Leena Röntynen

Finnish/chilean cheerleader. Love One Direction <3
Leena Röntynen
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Smaller, more minimal. Might even eliminate the TV room to open the plan more.

Eliminate the pantry, make TV room the pantry/utility room wth possible entry from garage, making BR 2 & 3 larger with shared bathroom.

My ideal one on We Heart It

A bed room i like

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25+ Make Up Tutorials To Take Your Beauty To The Next Level

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Ginger makeup

Golden Smokey Eye Tutorial - 10 Brown Eyeshadow Tutorials for Seductive Eyes - GleamItUp - this is pretty and not so dark as most smokey eyes, much better for someone who doesn't wear a lot of make up :)

It's is some foreign language, but you can still figure it out.

Mandelformade ögon – tutorial This adds SO much to the eye appeal, but subtly

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vanity unit in the bedroom with pink chair, interiors tips and ideas, home office desk

This townhouse has large, integrated environments, double garage and ...

This townhouse has large, integrated environments, double garage and .

Top 10 Makeup Tutorials For Seductive Eyes

Silver Metallic Smokey As you know the metallic shades are back, and for that matter here we have an amazing tutorial for you. This shimmery smoky, egyptian cat eye will leave you breathless. Although it requires a little more time and dedication, if you

She has beautiful eyes!

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