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I would feel so safe

letters-to-matt-smith: Dear Matt,Batman? Yes, I know The Doctor got dressed up as Batman. I agree, it’s awesome :) even you can make batman look fit

Salmon in a Bag - Tin foil, lemon, salmon, butter, salt and pepper - Wrap it up tightly and bake for 25 minutes at 300

Tin foil should not be touching food. use parchment paper next to food then the foil. EASY Salmon in a Bag - Tin foil, lemon, salmon, butter, wrap it up tightly and bake for 25 minutes at 300 °

Classic Sweet Potato Casserole | MyRecipes.com

11 Ways with Sweet Potatoes There's more to sweet potatoes than casseroles and pies. Try one of these sweet potato recipes at your Thanksgiving dinner. Whether you stick with the classic sweet potato casserole or branch out, you'll be pleased!

Lemon Curd Pound Cake | MyRecipes.com

Lemon Curd Pound Cake ~ Sweet-and-tart Lemon Curd Pound Cake is the perfect way to end a special meal. A Lemon Curd Glaze makes the pound cake extra moist and delicious.

Double Apple Pie With Cornmeal Crust | MyRecipes.com

Double Apple Pie with Cornmeal Crust - This pie is packed with apple flavor! Apple jelly adds richness to the filling, and apple cider adds even more flavor in the flaky cornmeal crust.

Apple-Bourbon Turkey and Gravy | MyRecipes.com

Apple-Bourbon Turkey and Gravy ( Apple slices and aromatic vegetables line the roasting pan, creating a colorful rack that adds terrific flavor to both the turkey and pan juices.

Glazed Butternut Squash | MyRecipes.com

Glazed Butternut Squash Recipe Apple cider simmers with butter and sugar to create a golden glaze for this flavorful side dish. A serrated grapefruit spoon makes quick work of removing the seeds and stringy fibers from winter squash.

Golden Macaroni and Cheese | MyRecipes.com

Golden Macaroni and Cheese: This homemade baked macaroni and cheese recipe beats the boxed kind any day of the week.& For a divine main dish, stir in chopped cooked ham before baking, and then sprinkle top with chopped cooked bacon before serving.