It may be safer to take a bus!
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the back seat of a school bus with an advertisement on it that says, children must always wear a seat belt except if you put 50 of them in one vehicle
27 Indisputable Facts That Everyone Knows Are True
School busses make no sense: (funny, humour, humorous, hilarious, LOL, hahaha, seat belt, kids)
a man in a top hat and bow tie with the caption so, you drove to the gym to walk on a treadmill?
a truck driving down a road next to a street sign with the words do you have any idea why i pulled you over
Classics products for sale | eBay
Haha, when you see it! Click for more hilarious car memes... #lol #spon
a car parked in a parking lot with chalk writing on the pavement that says, from now on always carry side walk chalk
25 Parkers Who Learned About Karma The Hard Way. #16 Deserved What Happened To Him
look, if you have a huge ass truck, you best know how to drive and PARK it! dont be a douche
two women sitting in a car with the caption, are you crazy? and then our car
Fried Green Tomatoes--one of the funniest scenes in the movie - finally saw this movie after reading the book many years ago and loving it. 3/5/5
the hood of a car that says, spring in florida the struggle is real
Spring Is Here..LOL! - http://www.razmtaz.com/spring-is-here-lol/
an old car and a truck are parked in front of a building with the words alles scheie in 3 2 1
I have a feeling the person behind is gonna have a shitty day
a sign that says, that's quite a parking job
i will make up thousands of these and put them on peoples' cars when i get my liscence
a fireman standing next to a red car with the caption what you mean i can't park here
Jokideo | Quick Eligibility Checks & Competitive Interest Rates
Huh? why not?!
a bus that is upside down on its side
Funny Pictures Of The Day - 38 Pics
Dump A Day Funny Pictures Of The Day - 38 Pics
an iphone screen with the text blonde jokes written on it, and two birds flying in the sky
Blonde Jokes: Funny or Mean?
a black and white photo with the words if i'm about to leave a parking space, and you honk at me to hurry up i will literally stay here until i die
funny signs | Homeless People with Funny Homeless Signs and Quotes - IntraDayFun People, Instagram, Homeless People, Drugs, Instagram Images, Big Tits, Sign, Novelty, Tits
funny signs | Homeless People with Funny Homeless Signs and Quotes - IntraDayFun
a car driving down the road with luggage on top
the back of a truck that says camel town, we'll snatch you out of a tight spot
Camel Tow
Just wrong.