Manufacturer: Iittala Designer: Timo Sarpaneva The Sarpaneva cast iron pot designed by Timo Sarpaneva in 1960 is back in production as part of the iittala collection. Combining practicality and beauty the Sarpaneva pot is

Blueberries from Finnish woods.

These bilberries can be picked from almost any Finnish forest, and they are simply amazing!

WARM is a tea and coffee set that combines ceramic teacups and teapots with bracelets of laminated bent wood. Held on by friction the wood acts as handles and helps insulate your tea or coffee. Since its launch in 1998 WARM tea and coffee set has become a ‘mini classic’ of Finnish and Scandinavian design

Warm Ceramic & Wood Tea & Coffee Set by Tonfisk by Caroline McGrath

pulla bread

pulla is the best thing in the world. {even the Scandinavian breads are pretty, just like the girls are!

The white Nokia Lumia 900 is so beautiful.

This is my next: the Nokia Lumia 900

Nokia Lumia 900 launch event in Times Square this Friday evening

Fiskars, Finland. A small village filled with arts and crafts

A small village filled with arts and crafts.

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