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Golden Angel wings!!!

The Golden version of Angel Wings. This item is hard to get as the recipe requires the SUPER RARE Golden Heart Crystal.

PewDiePie Animated Christmas Special!

PewDiePie Animated Christmas Special!

golden dragon

The Cheese Dragon. Spits out Hot, Tasty Melted Cheese(Its Fictious Though) ᏝᎾᏝ


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Golden bow and rainbow wings

I finally got rainbow wings. Add me on growtopia my user is

Legendary Robot!

A gigantic robot the size of 2 Growtopians. Its firepower is massive, as it is armed with ROCKET LAUNCHERS.

legendary wings

A gigantic version of Angel Wings. When worn, players get to float like when Parasol is worn and double jump with a flapping effect.

Legendary Dragon!

The Legendary Dragon. A monster of pure, burning hot fire. To obtain this monster, you will have to complete The Legendary Quests. Good Luck To All Growtopians!