Signs (2002)

Rory Caulkin, Joaquin Phoenix, Abigail Breslin in the movie "Signs" .this makes me laugh every time :)

Field of Dreams (1989)

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The Cottage (2008)

In a remote part of the countryside, a bungled kidnapping turns into a living nightmare for four central. VERY DARK HUMOR

Täällä Pohjantähden alla (1968)

Täällä Pohjantähden alla (1968)

The Yearling (1946)

Directed by Clarence Brown. With Gregory Peck, Jane Wyman, Claude Jarman Jr., Chill Wills. A boy persuades his parents to allow him to adopt a young deer, but what will happen if the deer misbehaves?

The Astronaut Farmer (2006)

The Astronaut Farmer

Son in Law (1993)

Son in Law (1993)