Aurora borealis

Christmas Image|a bright aurora on a full moon night in Lapland, Finland.

Snowboarding in Ruka, Finland by Visit Finland, via Flickr

Snowboarding in Ruka, Lapland, Finland (by Visit Finland).

Finnish summer = fresh potatoes.

Suomen kesää parhaimmillaan – Finnish summer at its best!

Blueberries (mustikka) and chanterelles (kanttarelli).

Chanterelles, along with clodberries, is the religion in Sweden. There's nothing, nothing, that tastes better than wild chanterelles.

Kuksa (traditional Finnish handmade camping cup)

Guksi (Kuksa) (handmade camping cup) was invented by the Sami people of northern Scandinavia. It is a very useful cup because it is specially designed to be washed only using water.

Where do you come from?

At Ranua zoo you can see the only 3 polar bears in




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