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several pictures of various plants and rocks in the sand
SAND ART / Art de sable. The outline and then using natural materials to "fill it in."
an owl made out of wood sticks and rocks sitting on the ground next to another bird
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Children can do many activities with sand and stones. This will build on their creativity!
the cover of six earth art designs for kids to create
Earth Art Designs for Kids to Make
6 ways to make art using nature - Earth Art!
various pictures of different plants and animals in the woods, including pine cones, leaves, twigs
Middle School Art: Earth Art Sculptures
a field full of yellow flowers with a trail in the grass leading to it's center
21 Beautiful Nature Art Ideas - Nature Whispering
Names crafted out of things found in nature. Activities For Kids, Crafts, Camping, Craft Activities, Preschool Activities, Kids Crafts
Little Family Fun
Names crafted out of things found in nature.
an arrangement of flowers and pine cones laid out on the ground
Land Art by 2nd Graders, "Window of Color"; YES Fundraiser Project
Nature collection - art
a metal cage hanging from the side of a tree in the woods on a snowy day
Mon Mignon
Twigs between trees.
a piece of wood sitting on the ground next to a rock and grass area with small yellow flowers growing out of it
Do animals from nature things.
a fairy garden with pine cones, rocks and stones in the ground next to a tree trunk
Fairy Door
Fairy Door
a rock with leaves on it in the grass
Leaf Tree
Leaf Tree by Land Art for Kids, via Flickr
a flower arrangement made out of leaves in the grass with a heart shaped decoration next to it
the colors of leaves are arranged in a row on top of a stone surface with water droplets
Change of seasons…
an image of leaf shape play with paper houses
Leaf shape play: The fun way to play with shapes! - Mother Natured
Leaf Shape Play for Kids