Leena Saarinen

Leena Saarinen

Helsinki, Finland
Leena Saarinen
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Mad Max: Fury Road, Retold Through Hieroglyphs Is Perfect

This is the story of Mad Max: Fury Road told in hieroglyphics, as imagined by artist Takumi. I still haven't seen Fury Road because I like to wait at least two years after a movie.

"The pillars of creation." Hubble's new view of the Eagle Nebula in both visible (left) and infrared (right).

The Hubble Space Telescope took this photo of Eagle nebula's Pillars of Creation 20 years after the original photo became an icon.

ramshackle rafts, lovely steampunk/arts happening.

Dumpster divers on the high art seas -- A crew of 30 artists, gearheads and dumpster divers from Brooklyn rolled up to the Venice Biennial in a fleet of vessels made of New York City trash.