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Pictures [YOONMIN] - // some info - Wattpad

Pictures [YOONMIN] - // some info - Wattpad <<< Suga's hair looks so good here 😩

BTS || @MAMA 2016 I cant...

this moment right here. they deserved it and watching the emotions on their faces, especially namjoon and yoongi, it was hard to keep my own eyes from tearing up.

analizando melhor essa linda foto o que se vê? pescoço marcado do senhor jeon jungkook eu to no chao

Ireon: lol they look like they are on a some cocktail or some serious shit invitation -of course they are a couple;

Ainda me perguntam pq eu sou cheia das viadagens.... O mundo não colabora, né bixa?!

*randomly sits on jungkook in a completely heterosexual way* *moves his hand and smirks* these 2 i swear to god. They're so great together it hurts my hearteu

who said he was allowed to look sexy and cute at the same time?! Dx The8 <3

“- loud & makes jokes bc ur so precious to him - randomly sings to u - asks u to help him do his hw just to see u”