Christmas Crafts: Personalized Star Ornament for Kids

Personalized Kids Star Ornament - Christmas Crafts

Star Ornament for Kids - popsicle sticks, coffee stirrers - note recommendation for using glue vs glue gun. These are decorated with name; others with glitter glue. Washi tape covered sticks might be interesting.

Art: Expression of Imagination: "Line Design Ornaments" by Eighth Grade Christmas Art Project for kids

itsenäisyyspäivän askartelu ideoita - Google-haku

itsenäisyyspäivän askartelu ideoita - Google-haku

white hare - dandelions - and silver- birch trees Lovely for a baby's room.

the white hare. the rejected bride forever running away into the silver birch . time counted by dandelion clocks below the plough twinkling in the ni. The white hare