**VIDEO** post about implementing Writer's Workshop in your classroom!! Lots of great tips :)

Love the "I can't imagine life without" for their journal to intro our narrative unit--**VIDEO** post about implementing Writer's Workshop in your classroom! Lots of great tips

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Stop the Interrupting! Blurt Alert cards-This freebie consists of 3 different sets of "blurt alert" cards. incorporate this into your existing classroom management system, or to use as a Tier 1 or Tier 2 intervention. Pinned by SOS Inc.

Student "check in" idea to use before a session from the blog, Elementary School Counseling (Marissa Rex)

This is something new that I've started in my individual counseling sessions. It serves a few purposes - it helps me gather data on how effective the sessions are, helps students self-reflect, and.

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Nice to see a music video for kids about accepting our differences & building compassion. Pinned by my student Diana Fitzpatrick: "Don't Laugh at Me" - a beautiful, teachable moment about bullying and accepting the differences of others.

messages clairs et conflits en classe - un petit coin de partage

messages clairs et conflits en classe

EMC L’engagement agir individuellement et collectivement : la coopération