Sauna in Ranco / Panorama Arquitectos

sauna, glass fronted sauna, cool view, hot tub, wood deck maybe, dark colors, home architecture, home design

A big sauna with a huge window looking out on the forest and the outdoor hot tub that's big enough for many people to warm up from the cold. This could also be used as a cold pool for dunking after sweating in the sauna.

What you use in a finish sauna.  I remember Grandma using tree branches with leaves.

A traditional Finnish way to improve your health! Get a sauna, and gently beat your friends with branches of a birch tree!

Sauna Water Bucket by cabin9, via Flickr

Water Bucket, ladle and Vihta / Vasta in sauna. Vihta or Vasta is in english birch whisk used in sauna. The use of Vihta or Vasta is slap repeatedly our bodies. That aids your circulatory system, cleans and refresh your skin and it& also like a massage.


Ready for sauna, birch twigs with fresh leaves to gently slap the back for a wonderful feeling

A finnish tradition, the "smoke sauna".

Our Thanksgiving tradition - the men go first and use the sharp heat from the stove.milder, with wine and goat cheese