Eeva Jokinen ceramics it looks like it should leak. but I do love translucent porcelain things, like this :)

Finnish designer Eeva Jokinen created a porcelain cup with false holes, a necessary piece of tableware for any Alice in Wonderland tea party.

Lohja Dinnerware - Anthropologie

Iittala Korento Dinnerware Designer Klaus Haapaniemi's Korento dinnerware captures the intensity of the short but sweet northern summer. Referring to dragonflies, Korento captures the buzz of a hot summer day.

Klaus Haapaniemi’s Taika (Finnish for fantasy or magic) collection for Iittala merges folklore and architecture to create a modern world on ceramic dinnerware. Produced in two colour schemes, Haapaniemi unveils a world of mythical creatures, animal hybrids with some human features, living within a floral and fauna based forest.

Mystical flora and Fauna design by Iittala is this stunning Taika dinnereware set. Red is out in Winter only so makes a great gift, also comes in Blue & White, your table will look very stylish with these.