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a drawing of a woman sitting at a table with food
CUBICLE REFUGEE - angrywhistler: Antonio López García
CUBICLE REFUGEE — angrywhistler: Antonio López García
a drawing of a person sitting in front of a castle
an ink drawing of a building with antlers on it's roof and windows
Simon Prades
several sculptures are on display in front of a painting
Sculpture install veronicacay
a drawing of a woman covered in lots of tiny black bugs on her body and chest
a drawing of people walking down a sidewalk with a dog on the ground next to them
a man painting a portrait of a young boy on a wall in front of a bookshelf
Dessine-moi Saint-Ex…
Dessine-moi Saint-Ex…
a red and blue painting with people on it
'Long Table' by Cate Edwards
a piece of art made out of paper with red and white designs on the wall
Raymond Saá
a diagram of the human body with all its main parts labeled in black and white
Examining the anatomical accuracy of the Ready Player One poster
many different birds are hanging on the wall in this art work, which is made from paper and cut into squares
Into the Woods 2008
a hand is holding an open book with drawings on the pages and trees in the background
Emma Carlisle: Drawing as Salvation - Jackson's Art Blog
a black and white drawing of a person with their hand on his face in front of a wall