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a bird sitting on top of a nest in the corner of a window sill
small little touches of faux painting.
a living room filled with black furniture and paintings on the wall above it's head
a table and chairs in front of a black wall with flowers painted on the walls
le songeur femme: Photo
Floral chalkboard wall.
there are many clothes hangers on the wall
we are all different
a dining room table and chairs in front of a wall with birds on the tree
Habitat | Living Spaces in shades of Caramel + Mint
‘Tropical Birds’ mural by Pablo Piatti, BOFFO Showhouse reception. Photo: Evan Joseph.
a painting on the side of a brick wall next to a green cabinet with a potted plant
this ramshackle beauty delivers much Eastern promise...
a white and purple bedroom with a large mirror on the wall above it's headboard
Home Decor - Decorating Ideas and House design | Architectural Digest
Master Bedroom by Martyn Lawrence Bullard Design - Marie Antoinette chaise upholstered in a de Gournay silk velvet. Swag window treatment for an oval window.
a living room with a large painting on the wall and white chairs in front of it
Blog | Tecnica, Storia e tanto altro sul mondo dell'arte degli affreschi
IL NUOVO MARCHIO “ARTE MARIANI”: NUOVE TECNICHE E UN NUOVO PUBBLICO | Il blog dell'Affresco - Fresco Blog - Italian-Frescos.com
an image of a house with flowers painted on the wall and window sill, next to a tree
Zalipie. Jeden z pomalowanych domów - Powiśle Dąbrowskie
Floral folk art on the side of a building - white house with blue trim
an artistic room with white and black swirls on the floor, walls and ceiling
Heike Weber Installations
* Utopia 2009 by Heike Weber: Permanent marker on acrylic paint and vinyl floor.
two pictures of a room with red and blue paint on the walls, one has a dragon painted on the wall
The Internet's Most Asked Questions
Red Dragon Paint Job
a woman standing in front of a wall with flowers painted on it's side
a white chair sitting in front of a wall with a drawing on it's side
Wallpaper by Jesper Waldersten
Wallpaper by Jesper Waldersten
a painting of a woman's face is painted on the wall in a bathroom
PichiAvo - Urban artists - Contemporary art - Mural painting
Marilyn | PichiAvo – Art, design, graffiti
the wall is painted with blue, yellow and white splatkles on it
Graffiti mural by Dudeman | DeMilked #colorful #abstract #art DIY