Private Spa and Sauna inside the Villa Chameleon in Mallorca - I wouldn't mind a bathroom like this in my home! I would have my own spa and use it everyday! Complete it with a spa bed and hot rocks.

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6 Architecturally Stunning Saunas You Need to Visit Next

The spring facilities at a popular health resort complement the wooded surroundings and pack a host of attraction: two outdoor saunas, an “adventure shower,” a terraced outdoor pool, and a sauna bar. Designed by Kauffmann Theilig & Partner, the structure

wow romantic sauna Architectural Landscape Design

Modern and Unique Transparency Sauna Combined with Chaise Longue by Tempoperdue

Hardwood, Saunas, Heaven, Natural Wood, Sky, Steam Room, Solid Wood, Paradise

FIMA Architecture SA - Sauna

花瓣网-Architectural Associates Verbier Switzerland 35 W Hotel by Concrete Architectural Associates, Verbier Switzerland