Liisa Häkkinen

Liisa Häkkinen

Artist, musician, anthropologist, writer. And i´m a dreamer too. From Finland, where the sun never goes to sleep on summer.
Liisa Häkkinen
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Mermaid by Victor Nizovtsev

Season What season Still ship Johnlock but pretty much ignoring the AU of season 4 BBC Sherlock. Also going back to my true loves Granada and ACD Holmes/Watson. Not a Mofftiss or Mary friendly.


One intense little bear! (Franziska Kraufmann / EPA) look at his face, he looks like he is a real bear , he will be a huge grizzly some day

Cute! I like this

leave room in your garden for the angels to dance. I LOVE this! I have a special "memory" garden where I put things I buy for my mom other family members. (I don't like going to the cemetery. Plus, ornate things come up "missing" there.


earthen-magics: “Make your own Herbal Medicine Chest for Anxiety Daily Strengthener and Stress Buster: In one quart of hot water, add = 2 tablespoons Oatstraw = 1 tablespoon Scullcap = 1 tablespoon Holy Basil = 2 teaspoons Rose Petal Let steep for.