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a piece of cloth on top of a wooden floor next to a wall with wood planks
three pieces of fabric hanging from hooks on a wooden surface
an old piece of cloth that has been stitched together with white thread on it
Reversible Sashiko Placemats
two gray pillows sitting on top of a white couch
an old woman is standing in front of a wall with pictures on it and the back of her jacket
for every age...
a woman is cutting someone's hair with scissors
How to Start Sashiko | A tutorial from Sashiko Artisans - Upcycle Stitches
a white plate topped with silverware on top of a table
Reversible Sashiko Placemats
Reversible Sashiko Placemats | Purl Soho - Create
Askartele kauniit lautasliinarenkaat
Näin teet itse tyylikkäät lautasliinarenkaat pääsiäispöytään kätevästi ja sotkuttomasti. 🌞🌸 Fimo on pehmeä ja helposti työstettävä uunissa kovetettava muovailumassa. Valmis työ kovetetaan kotiuunissa 110°C:ssa 30 minuuttia. Massat soveltuvat myös lasten muovailuun, mutta uunissa kovettamisen tulee tapahtua aikuisen valvonnassa. Katso lisää askartelunvinkkejä Suomalaisen Kirjakaupan Tekemisen blogista.
several square tiles with different designs on them in blue and gold colors, all arranged together
an area rug with different colored circles on it
Flatweaves - Ikats - Ikat 5323
Flatweaves - Ikats - Ikat 5323 - Warp & Weft {rugs, carpets, flatweaves, home collection, decor, residential, commercial, hospitality, warp & weft}
two skeins of yarn sitting on top of a weaving machine
an old weaving loom with several different types of yarns and needles on it
New tapestry, happy with progress so far.
an old piece of cloth hanging on a wall
Susies Work
Susie Gillespie / textile art Appron by Susie Gillespie