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two tapestry wall hangings with mountains and sunset in the background on a white wall next to a potted plant
Woven wall hanging | Handmade tapestry | Wall decor | Weaving | Landscape wall Art
a wall hanging made out of macrame and rope
Leijonanharja -seinävaatteen ohje - Intiaaniprinsessa
Leijonanharja -seinävaatteen ohje - Intiaaniprinsessa
the instructions for making a crocheted shawl with lace and beads on it
a lamp that is on top of a wooden stand with beads and tassels
Macrame lamp, macrame lampshade, Macrame design, macrame, boho, decoration
a lamp that is on top of a table
Macrame Bedside Table Lamp Modern Nightstand Lamp with Handmade Bohemian Shade Wooden Desk Lamps for Bedrooms, Office, College Dorm, Dinning Room, Girls Room...
three macrame wall hangings on the wall next to a potted plant
Minimalist Wall Art Decor, Geometric Tapestry, Above Bed Decor, New Home Gift, Nursery Home Decor, Natural Color, Fibre Art, Mimi Gift W15
"This lovely Minimalist Wall Art Decor/ Boho Macrame Leaves Mini Wall Hanging is perfect for Modern Wall Decor, Home Office Decor, Minimalist Wall Art bringing along lovely bohemian vibe. This could be a perfect idea for New Home Gift, Housewarming Gift and Christmas Gift. This Macrame Hat Hanger is handcrafted/ hand woven with Eco Friendly Pure Cotton Cord. DETAIL: - Length: + Size S: 25\" ~ 63 cm . + Size M: 29\" ~ 73 cm + Size L: 33\" ~ 83 cm. - Width: 5\" ~ 12cm. Please let me know the colo
an image of different types of weavings and patterns on a white background with black text
macramé - Les créations de Salvina