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an old woman sitting in a chair with her hand up to her face and the words,
an old woman holding a baby in her arms with the caption'i love you mom '
a polar bear wearing a top hat and holding an umbrella in the snow with words written below it
Nain syntyvat kauniit ...
a giraffe with glasses on it's head and the words hymn
iloa ja valoa sinun päivääsi
a minion with glasses and hair in front of a sign that says, what do you
a woman with pink hair standing in front of a sign that says,'i am not
a woman sitting on top of a bed next to an open bag with the words written in
Ennen vanhaan sattui ja tapahtui..
an old woman is talking to someone on her cell phone with the caption in russian
a woman in a yellow dress and green hat with her hands on her hips, looking at the viewer
minäkö vanha
an old woman with pink hair holding a cup
an old woman with glasses and a hat saying it's sunny how the first screw to
an image of a woman sitting on a beach chair with a drink in her hand
Me naiset juhlimme joka vuosi... - Hauskat kuvat ja vitsit. Hyvällä tuulella joka päivä!
an image of a woman talking on her cell phone with the caption'tovot parasta '
an older woman holding a balloon with the words in russian above her and below it