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Candlelights, the old Finnish glass serie The Dew Drop (Kastehelmi) that has been in many Finnish homes for years and lived a quite anonymous life 'til today when has a huge revival. Made by iittala

iittala / Kastehelmi

iittala / Kastehelmi Tea Lights in jewel colours cutest glass votives for adding candlelight to tables, rooms and anywhere. So many colours to choose from and also make great mini vases too! First designed in 1964 by Oiva Toikka, a genius.


a range of Stunning Iittala candle and firelights to bring a littel Hygge to any home.

Byrjaðu að undirbúa jólin með iittala

iittala Allas Rectangle Candle Holder Crafted from enamelled cast iron and designed by Andreas Engesvik, the iittala Allas Rectangle Candle Holder is truly a bold beauty.