Great short movies for teaching literacy, morals, etc. for this site! I looked "forever" last year for appropriate short films, without luck. I am now prepared for the upcoming year!

Outline for developing an argument - would be great to use before a persuasive paper or debate

Teacher Resources

As an English teacher, it will be essential to write and present persuasive arguments. This useful graphic organizer will help students build an argument for either a speech or an essay.

My Adventures Teaching : Plot, Interactive Notebooks

My Adventures Teaching : Plot, Interactive Notebooks. I love how its in the notebook.

Fab 5 for Writing! Anchor Charts and Student Rubric

Kid-friendly rubric/checklist for student writing- perfect for writing station or creative writing assignments! Laminate and place this chart in kiddos writing folder. They can use a dry erase marker.

Introducing "Clever Cat." A simple classroom trick for kids learning to write in the lines.

Clever classroom trick for kids learning to write in the lines.

Cute classroom trick for kids learning to write in the lines. "Clever Cat" helps as a visual aid to assist children writing letters between the correct lines and also doubles as a word spacer. A LIFESAVER FOR HANDWRITING!

2. Eräänä aurinkoisena päivänä pikkiriikkinen, savuava lohikäärmeenpoikanen lennähti kädelleni. (Mitä tapahtuu seuraavaksi? Entä sitten? Entä sitten? Entä lopuksi?)

Funny pictures about Baby Night Fury. Oh, and cool pics about Baby Night Fury. Also, Baby Night Fury photos.

Open linkkivinkit: Tarinatunti - kirjoittaminen

Looking for free printable pirate treasure maps and pirate party favors, in order to throw the best pirate theme birthday party the world has ever seen?