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My heart believes this but my "trust" has been broken. The promise of everlasting LOVE has been violated and my heart can not heal. Perhaps it has been broken one too many times?

Happy  B day to our Lynn, while the party's going on Touche's we are going to do Montages and Collages here on words. There are some real poor ones out there. Please follow my lead.. Pin your collage and follow with a pin related to it to break  them up so the board wont be to busy. You can click on any of my pins to get started  Pretty only please...

"There is only one happiness in life - to love and be loved" mood/color collage

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Love Is the Key

My angel - To my dear angel in heaven I just want you to know that you are always in my thoughts and how much I love you so. I know you are in Gods care that is how it should be but when I get to heaven He will give you back to me. --John F Connor


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anne mari west - Google-haku