Lina Peräneva

Lina Peräneva

Lina Peräneva
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Pink stripe alphabet by Nina Greiger

Given my now full-fledged obsession with modern embroidery and typography, I pretty much yelped when I saw these gorgeous embroidered business cards by designer Nina Gregier. She decided to create the textured cards in reference to .

The House That Lars Built.: 5 minute bookbinding

Possibly a late summer or early fall craft . Paper Bag Book Binding- These DIY Book Bindings are a Simple and Creative Project - perfect for that bag from the NYC library I've been saving. Thinking about making a story book for our one year anniversary.

Stitches and Sewings for Bookbinding Structures:

Stitches and Sewings for Bookbinding Structures – Knowing a little bit about basic book binding can't hurt, esp.y when recycling/reusing things like paper bags